Royal Commission into Aged Care: Nurse has her say

SHE has been subject to inappropriate touching, assault and been pushed up against a wall and threatened - welcome to the aged care sector.
While much of the focus since Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety has been on mistreatment of the elderly, one nurse says just as much focus should be given to abuse of staff.
This nurse in the NSW Central West, who asked not to be named for fear of losing her job, says if she worked in any other industry that the abuse would not be tolerated – action would be swift and offender/s would be targeted with police action.
The first thing this nurse wanted to make clear was that she loves her job, every day brings something new and she loves the opportunity of being able to assist those most vulnerable in society.
But, in her eight years in the industry she has also been left frightened, assaulted, scratched and scarred and claims that nothing is done my management when the abuse is reported.

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