Women's health survey 2016

Women's health survey 2016: understanding health information needs and health behaviours of women in Australia by Jean Hailes For Women's Health, was a national survey of 3236 women and health professionals of differing ages, cultural backgrounds and from a range of metropolitan, regional, rural and remote areas across Australia.

Women reported five main health concerns.These health concerns included weight management, female-specific cancers, mental and emotional health, menopause and chronic pain. Women that responded to the survey appear to be in good health and are mostly invested in doing the right thing for their health. Over half of all women reported that they are most likely to compare their body to family and friends as opposed to comparing their bodies to models, athletes, media figures and actors. On average women visited the doctor 3-5 times per year, with only a small number of women not visiting the doctor at all in the last 12 months.

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