Health Promotion Journal of Australia Virtual Issue - Looking Back, Looking Forward - 30 years of the Ottawa Charter

In 1986, a new document began to be circulated through health professional networks, and in particular health education circles. It came to be called the 'Ottawa Charter', because its guiding principles were the result of an international conference held in Ottawa, Canada.

The succinct articulation of the themes around healthy public policy, healthy environments and reorienting health systems towards prevention helped re-frame the classic health education approach to embrace a broader health promotion approach including the social determinants of health.

This virtual issue of the Health Promotion journal revisits many of the classic articles produced during the 30 years of the Ottawa Charter.


What is a health promotion campaign? (1991)

Advocacy for health: revisiting the role of health promotion (2012)

Framework and tools for planning and evaluating community participation, collaborative partnerships and equity in health promotion (2008)

Using evidence in health promotion in local government: contextual realities and opportunities (2013)

The role of Health Impact Assessment in promoting population health and health equity (2009)

The case of national health promotion policy in Australia: where to now? (2016)

Global trade and health promotion (2007)

The role of health promotion: between global thinking and local action (2006)

Reflections on the framing of 'health equity' in the National Primary Health Care Strategic Framework: a cause for celebration or concern? (2014)

Forming, managing and sustaining alliances for health promotion (2005)

Urban design and health: progress to date and future challenges (2014)

An Indigenous model of health promotion (2004)

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