Program evaluation toolkit

Looking for tools to support program evaluation?

Is there a program or initiative in your health department, unit or regional health authority that you would like to evaluate?

Establishing a plan for conducting the evaluation is a key step in gathering, analysing and reporting on data to assist in decision making. The Program evaluation toolkit can help!

The Program evaluation toolkit, developed by the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health, outlines a three-phase process to apply to program evaluation. It contains useful lists, steps and templates for developing a logic model and final report. This toolkit can be used by anyone involved in planning and conducting program evaluation, accessing data sources and analysing data on an ongoing basis.

The toolkit outlines a three-phase process for conducting a program evaluation.

Phase 1: Planning Evaluation - Deciding on program to be evaluated and describing this program

Phase 2: Doing Evaluation - Data collection and analysis

Phase 3: Using Evaluation - Putting knowledge into practice

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