Emotional eating fuelling Australia's obesity epidemic, psychologist says

Emotional eating plays a huge role in Australia's obesity epidemic with 83% of overweight or obese Australians eating emotionally, according to a recent survey.

The mental health side of obesity is not something that has been given much coverage. Anti-obesity campaigns have mostly been based on a version of the old mantra "eat less, exercise more", but is anyone in the country actually not aware of that?

If it is that simple why does the country keep getting fatter? Please see more at:


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Marshall said...

I just found your post on emotional eating and obesity and found it very interesting. We educate patients on diet and nutrition as these factors combined with therapy give them better results. Also, we try to raise awareness on inflammation in the body and its role in contributing to sickness and disease: http://www.sydneychiroclinics.com.au/inflammation-foods.html specifically certain foods should be avoided (sugars, processed goods, some grains) and this message correlates with your article. Thank you.