Pain series from The Conversation

The Conversation has recently published a series of articles by academics, scientists and other experts about various aspects of pain. They are clearly explained with lots of links back to the evidence.

The right words matter when talking about pain from Michael Vagg (Barwon Health) explains how to talk to people about pain and how sometimes the use of cliches can make their pain worse.

What dictates how much pain you feel after injury? by Malcolm Hogg (University of Melbourne) explains how education levels and other social factors can effect how much pain people feel and how long it lasts.

Not helping a partner with chronic pain may be the quickest road to recovery is from Toby Newton-John (University of Technology Sydney), who writes that partners who do everything for the chronic pain sufferer may actually be hindering their recovery.

Pain drain: the economic and social costs of chronic pain by Christopher Williams (University of Newcastle) discusses our neglect of effective pain management and how this leads to an increased economic and social burden.

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