The future of public physiotherapy

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) commissioned the Nous Group (Nous) to explore the strategic drivers which will shape the role of physiotherapy in the Australian Public Healthcare System to 2025.

The strategic drivers of change for the Australian health system present both opportunities and challenges for the profession. It is becoming increasingly important for the APA, its members and the broader profession to chart a path toward a future vision for public physiotherapy services, and not leave success to chance. Clarity and foresight into the future operating environment will inform the APA's vision, strategy and key activities to support public physiotherapy services.

The scope of this report focuses on physiotherapy in Australia's public healthcare system ('public physiotherapy') and aims to answer one key question: "What does the public physiotherapy Service of the Future look like in 2025?"

The outcome is to provide an informed view of the profession's current and future state, and on that basis explore how the APA can best support the Service of the Future.

The paper comprises 4 key sections:

1. Public physiotherapy services today.

2. Eight strategic drivers significantly influence the future of public physiotherapy.

3. The Service of the Future will be defined by seven key features.

4. Implications for today's public physiotherapy services.

The APA intends to use the report for 3 primary purposes:

1. Provide insights to the profession and its key stakeholders to guide strategic and workforce planning.

2. Inform future development and growth of the profession in the public health system.

3. Shape APA's activities and professional development programs to enable future growth of the profession.

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