BHI reports show how the NSW health system compares internationally

BHI has today released two complementary reports that show how the NSW healthcare system compares internationally, and also how well it is accommodating the increasing health demands of the ageing population.

The 5th annual performance report Healthcare in Focus 2014: How does NSW fare? places the performance of NSW's healthcare system in an international context by comparing it with Australia and 10 other countries including the UK, the USA, Canada and France.

Insights: Healthcare performance across the life span, Volume 1 is the first instalment in othe new miniseries Healthcare performance across the life span and looks at the relationship between ageing and healthcare, particularly in terms of how people aged 55 years and over use and experience healthcare services.

The reports draw on international data, including the results of the Commonwealth Fund International Health Policy Survey of Older Adults 2014 and OECD data, as well as information from local sources including the NSW Patient Survey Program, the AIHW and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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