The Dementia Epidemic: Is Australia Prepared?

Industry experts, people living with dementia, carers and researchers will share their expertise and stories at a first-of-its-kind forum on dementia on Wednesday 20 May at the University of Sydney.

With more than 1,800 new cases in Australia each week, dementia is predicted to be one of the biggest public health issues we will ever face.

"It's forecast that in about twenty years dementia will be the number one killer of Australians and the most expensive health disorder," said Associate Professor Michael Valenzuela, Leader of Regenerative Neuroscience Group at the University's Brain and Mind Research Institute.

Would you want to know you are at risk of dementia in the future? Is prevention possible? And can we really support people to live well with this disease? Different perspectives will be uncovered in a free Sydney Ideas public forum hosted by the University of Sydney.

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