Information paper: evidence on wind farms and human health [NHMRC]

Wind farms have been promoted as a viable and sustainable alternative to traditional, non-renewable forms of energy production. Since the introduction of the Renewable Energy Act 2000, the number of wind farms in Australia has grown substantially. At the end of 2013, there were 68 wind farms across the country and more were being constructed or planned.

The current investigation of the potential health effects of wind farms builds upon NHMRC's previous work in this area. In 2010, NHMRC's Public statement: Wind turbines and health was published, with supporting evidence from Wind turbines and health: A rapid review of the evidence. The 2010 NHMRC Public Statement concluded that there "is currently no published scientific evidence to positively link wind turbines with adverse health effects". Due to the limited amount of published scientific literature, NHMRC committed to carrying out a more extensive search for evidence.

This Information Paper provides an update to NHMRC's previous work in this area. It is based on a comprehensive review of the available scientific evidence following well-established systematic review principles, which provide the most rigorous process for identifying and critically appraising evidence.

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