Guidelines for the Management of Substance Use During Pregnancy Birth and the Postnatal Period

Guidelines for the management of ssubstance abuse during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period support and provide best practice advice to health professionals in the management of drug use during pregnancy, birth and early development years of the newborn.

The guidelines emphasise the importance of establishing a sound therapeutic relationship with the woman based on respect and non-judgmental attitudes, of engaging the woman into adequate antenatal care through this relationship, and of maintaining continuity of care and of carers throughout the pregnancy and postnatal period.

The guidelines recommend that pregnant women with significant problematic substance use will benefit from an appropriate referral for specialist drug and alcohol assessment in addition to midwifery and obstetric care), appointment of a consistent and continuous case manager and care team who use effective communication systems, and specific treatments for their substance use, which may include counselling, pharmacotherapies and relapse prevention strategies

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