Engaging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men in primary care settings

Cultural awareness and cultural safety training are vital for non-Indigenous health professionals to demonstrate cultural respect and effectively deliver services to Indigenous people, says A/Professor Mark Wenitong:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males may have reduced access to health services, and this and other related challenges can, and should be, addressed. Engaging men about personal and sensitive health issues offers the opportunity for better management of more life-threatening health conditions, but in the Indigenous setting this requires a focus on culturally appropriate services.

Andrology Australia's new Clinical Summary Guide  "Engaging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men in primary care settings" addressing this issue, is now available for download.
The guide is the 12th in Andrology Australia's "clinical summary guides" series.
Other topics include Male infertility, Klinefelter's syndrome, prostate disease and testicular cancer.

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