Health expenditure Australia 2012-13: analysis by sector (AIHW)

Health expenditure Australia 2012-13: analysis by sector extends the analysis presented in Health expenditure Australia 2012-13 to further explore expenditure on particular categories of health goods and services. In 2012-13, $55.9 billion was spent on hospitals in Australia, $52.9 billion on primary health care and $29.9 billion on other areas of health spending. A further $8.6 billion was spent on capital expenditure.

All funders increased their expenditure on hospitals between 2002-03 and 2012-13; however, growth in state and territory government funding ($10.6 billion) was almost double that of the Australian Government($5.4 billion). Primary health care spending is shared relatively evenly between Australian Government(about 43.0%) and non-government sources (about 41.0%), with the states and territories playing a relatively small role, over the same period.

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