Mortality inequalities in Australia 2009-2011 (AIHW)

Mortality inequalities in Australia 2009–2011

Despite relatively high standards of health and health care in Australia, not all Australians fare equally well in terms of their health and longevity. Substantial mortality inequalities exist in the Australian population, in terms of overall mortality, and for most leading causes of death, and these inequalities are long-standing.

The death rate among Indigenous Australians was nearly twice that of non-Indigenous Australians. This was even more pronounced among Indigenous people aged 35-44 years, with a death rate five times as high as their non-Indigenous counterparts: 480 deaths per 100,000 Indigenous people aged 35-44 compared with 98 deaths per 100,000 non-Indigenous people aged 35-44.

People living in Remote and Very Remote areas had death rates 1.4 times as high as those for people living in Major Cities, and higher rates of death due to diabetes (3 times as high) and land transport accidents (4.7 times as high).

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