The Elders Report on Preventing Indigenous Self Harm & Youth Suicide

The rate of youth suicide in Indigenous Australia is now the highest in the world.

With the The Culture is Life campaign, Indigenous Elders are calling for support to help them heal their communities. One of the initial actions of the Culture Is Life campaign was the development of the Elders Report on Preventing Indigenous Self Harm and Youth Suicide.

Culture Is Life representatives traveled across the country, gathering vital messages from senior Elders about the solutions needed to solve the youth suicide crisis. These voices form the heart of the campaign, which acts to press community concerns upon Government and service providers on the best ways forward for their communities.

The Elders Report is foreworded by Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda and leading Indigenous psychologist Prof Pat Dudgeon.

The Culture Is Life team is actively working to distribute the Report to all decision-makers and stakeholders involved in improving Indigenous wellbeing.

Following extensive community consultation and research, the Report also includes a list of grassroots community driven suicide prevention programs that are in need of support, specifically compiled for the attention of Government funding programs and the philanthropic sector.

Elders Report

Choosing lore and life: the campaign against Aboriginal youth suicide (Sydney Morning Herald)

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