State of the climate report 2014 (CSIRO)

The rise in the number of extremely hot days is underlined in a new report that finds there were more in 2013 than in the entire 1910-40 period combined.

The State of the Climate report by the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO finds Australia is being hit by more extreme heat and high-fire danger, and southern regions are drying out - trends that may accelerate as the planet heats up. The biennial survey found mean temperatures nationwide had risen 0.9 degrees since 1910 and will be another 0.6-1.5 degrees warmer by 2030, compared with the 1980-99 average.

By 2050, if greenhouse gas emissions continue to grow at the pace of the past decade, temperatures will rise between 2.2 and 5 degrees above the 1980-99 average, the agencies said.


Australian climate report reveals more hot days (Central Western Daily)

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