Wind farms and human health (Public consultation for comment)

No reliable evidence exists that wind farms directly cause health problems, a review by the National Health and Medical Research Council has found.

However, the study by the NHMRC - Australia's peak medical and scientific research body - did link wind farms to a level of annoyance that can cause sleeplessness.

Still, NHMRC chief executive Warwick Anderson stressed that the evidence for this was of poor quality."It's important that it's recognised as an association and does not prove cause and effect," he said.   "Our conclusion is that there's no reliable or consistent evidence that wind farms directly cause adverse health effects in humans, but there's some less consistent and less-high-quality evidence that it might, they may be associated with annoyance or sleep disturbance and poorer quality of life."

The NHMRC has launched an NHMRC DraftInformation Paper: Evidence on Wind Farms and Human Health which is open for public comment and consultation until 11 April, 2014.

The Information paper has been backed by a comprehensive, independent literature review, Systematic review of the human health effects on wind farms which details other current studies on the subject.

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