No health without mental health: the link between chronic disease and mental illness.(Free online training)

Many physical health conditions increase the risk of mental illness, while poor mental health is known to increase the risk of diseases such as heart disease, stroke and cancer. To address the issue of unacceptably poorer health outcomes of people with chronic disease and the associated mental illnesses, nurses and midwives need to have the knowledge and skills to identify manage and refer their patients.

As such, the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses has released a series of free online resources aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of nurses to identify and manage mental health conditions associated with chronic disease.These online resources attract continuing professional development points and focus on 4 chronic disease areas: cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and respiratory disease.

The 5 available modules are as follows : (non-members must complete free registration to use the modules)

Module 1 - Mental health issues are common in people with Chronic Disease
Module 2 - Mental health issues can impact on anyone
Module 3 - Is this a problem?
Module 4 - Asking about mental health - it's not always a can of worms!
Module 5 - Grief and Loss

For further information, and to access these resources, go to

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