World-first clinical trial of online suicide intervention launched

Around 2,300 people in Australia take their lives every year and many thousands more experience thoughts that life isn't worth living. It is an issue that is on the increase internationally, particularly amongst young people.

A world-first program developed by researchers at the Black Dog Institute and the Australian National University aims to empower people to take charge of unhelpful thoughts and learn ways to manage them on an ongoing basis. Called "Healthy Thinking" the web-based, self-help program has been designed to circumvent the issues of stigma that often stop people from seeking face-to-face help.

"We know that many people are reluctant to acknowledge their thoughts of suicide," says Professor Helen Christensen, Executive Director of the Black Dog Institute. "The Healthy Thinking trial is offering people a confidential self-help service that can be accessed 24/7 by anyone with internet access."

Australians who have experienced suicidal thoughts are invited to register their interest in the "Healthy Thinking" Trial at

About "Healthy Thinking"

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