The Suicide Prevention and Recovery Guide

SANE Australia has released a practical and easy-to-understand resource which helps people working in mental health to support a person who may be at risk of taking their own life.

"Supporting people who are experiencing suicidal thoughts and behaviours can be a challenging and daunting task," explains Charmaine Smith, Acting CEO of SANE Australia. "The Suicide Prevention and Recovery Guide aims to inform a range of mental health workers about different ways to address the issue of suicide with their clients."

According to Ms Smith, preventing suicide is a core function of what mental health services do, and although not everyone with mental illness will experience suicidal thoughts and behaviours, people with schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder and mood disorders such as depression and bipolar have a higher risk of suicide than others in the community.

"This guide encourages people working in mental health, in both community and hospital settings, to consider a holistic approach toward the person they are caring for, including them in decision making and encouraging individual responsibility. "

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Australian mental health sector : scoping study

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