Patient Safety - Handover of care between primary and acute care (APHCRI)

The transition of care between different sectors of the health system is a key point in the delivery of health care where adverse events and disruptions in the continuity of care can occur. Much of the patient safety focus on transfer of care or "handover" has been on transfer between staff within the same care delivery team and system (e.g. between shift changes of nurses or doctors). However, the interface (or multiple interfaces) between primary and community-based care and acute care also present a preventable safety risk to patients and their carers.

These care transitions are also therefore a source of preventable additional health care expenditure, due to factors such as preventable hospital readmissions and redundant tests. The Integrated Care Working Group (ICWG) of the National Lead Clinicians Group (LCG) commissioned the Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute (APHCRI) to undertake a review of evidence and policy around patients' transitions between the primary and acute sectors.

Patient Safety - handover of care between primary and acute care examines clinical and non-clinical issues, cost saving opportunities and experiences both in Australia and overseas.

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