Thursday, 27 June 2013

FREE DVDs from Rural Health Education Foundation

The Rural Health Education Foundation (RHEF) has released 2 more DVDs for free distribution

1307 Self-harming behaviour : Management in adolescence
A 60 minute panel discussing management of self-harming

1309s - Australian Dietary and Infant Feeding Guidelines ... two programs on 1 DVD discussing healthy eating & lifestyle, and healthy infant feeding.

Also still available :
1303s - A unique and valued profession : Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers
1301s - Telehealth the new bush telegraph
1205 - Taking stock :the health hazards of farming
1113- All ears : Healthy hearing in Indigenous communities
1112- The patient's choice : Quality at the end of life
1015- The discomfort zone : a guide to managing difficult consultations

Order form for Free DVDS

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