Senate committee releases report on the social determinants of health

The Senate Community Affairs Committee (Senate committee) have released a report Australia's domestic response to the World Health Organization's (WHO)Commission on Social Determinants of Health report "Closing the gap within a generation". The inquiry comprised of 68 public submissions from organisations and individuals and 4 public hearings.

The report makes 5 recommendations:

* the government adopt the WHO report and commit to addressing the social determinants of health relevant to the Australian context

* the government adopt administrative practices that ensure consideration of the social determinants of health in all relevant policy development activities, particularly in relation to education, employment, housing, family, and social security policy

* the government place responsibility for addressing social determinants of health within one agency, with a mandate to address issues across portfolios

* the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) give greater emphasis in its grant allocation priorities to research on public health and social determinants research

* annual progress reports to parliament be a key requirement of the body tasked with responsibility for addressing the social determinants of health.

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