Facing the Health of Australians : Australians in diabetes denial despite national epidemic

Australians continue to disregard the impact diabetes and obesity will have on their future health, despite the number of Australians affected by both conditions reaching epidemic proportions, according to one of the largest studies assessing community attitudes to health, released by The Australian Medicines Industry.

The report, Facing the Health of Australians, paints a national picture of community opinions on health and major disease. It shows Australians are largely indifferent towards diabetes and major associated risk factor obesity. Less than 10% rate diabetes as a future health concern for themselves and their children (6.8% and 6.3% respectively), and even fewer cite obesity (5.6%) as an issue of concern for themselves, despite an alarming 42% admitting to leading sedentary lifestyles and those with children ranking lack of healthy diet among their greatest worries for their children, second only to accident or injury.

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