World first consumer resources launched on World Cancer Day

Cancer Australia has launched two new online multimedia resources to increase the involvement of people affected by cancer in cancer control efforts. Cancer Australia CEO Professor Helen Zorbas said that World Cancer Day provided an opportunity to acknowledge the unique perspective that cancer consumers provide to improving cancer care and services. The two new resources are the Consumer Learning website which is designed to enhance consumer knowledge and confidence to participate in cancer research and clinical trials, and the Consumer Involvement Toolkit which will support CEOs, managers, health professionals, researchers and policy makers to effectively involve consumers in their organisation's work.

The Consumer Learning website was developed in collaboration with the Clinical Oncological Society of Australia (COSA). This site has been developed to enhance the contribution of people affected by cancer to clinical trials research. Consumers working with the Cancer Cooperative Trials Groups (CCTGs), and consumers more broadly, now have access to a suite of learning and support initiatives to enhance knowledge and skills in partnering with researchers to conduct quality patient-centred clinical trial research.

The Consumer Involvement Toolkit was developed with the assistance of the Health Issues Centre and was based on the National Framework for Consumer Involvement in Cancer Control released by Cancer Australia in 2011. Cancer Australia has developed web-based practical tools to assist, CEOs and Executives, Service Managers, Health Professionals, Researchers, Policy Makers and Consumers to actively engage with consumers around a shared focus and vision.

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