Make Research Matter (Research toolkit website)

Make Research Matter (MRM) is an online toolkit that assists developers of public health and health services research interventions to increase the dissemination and implementation (D&I) potential of their interventions.

The MRM website consists of four main tools:

> Planning Tool - an interactive survey which provides a tailored report that aids researchers with their dissemination plan;

> Resource Library - a searchable database consisting of a compilation of D&I related articles from multiple sources which is updated monthly;

> Narrative Library - a freely accessible online library containing video vignettes and transcripts with junior and senior D&I experts of "how-to" knowledge to D&I problems;

> Glossary-containing over 100 definitions of terminology used in D&I health research. Additionally, users of the MRM website can learn more about current publications and presentations, and current news related to D&I.

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