Closing the gap: Prime Minister's report 2013

Closing the gap: Prime Minister's report 2013 is the 5th annual report outlining progress made towards meeting the targets set for Closing the gap in Indigenous disadvantage in the seven key building blocks:

*early childhood
*healthy homes
*safe communities
*economic participation
*governance and leadership.

The report includes new data from the 2011 Census and provides the most comprehensive assessment to date of progress against the targets.

The report highlights 2013 as the year the first target - ensuring all Indigenous four-year olds living in remote communities have access to early childhood education within 5 years - falls due and claims this target will be met.

The report states that continued and sustained effort is needed to close the gap, but that the expected achievement of the early childhood education target in 2013 will support a commitment to ensuring that benefits flow through to the other Closing the gap targets to further address Indigenous disadvantage.

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