National pregnancy, birth and baby helpline launches new website

The Australian government's Pregnancy, Birth and Baby helpline has launched its new website to strengthen its existing service. The launch of the Pregnancy, Birth and Baby website improves access to expert help and support for women, partners and families and is a response to a growing demand amongst first-time Australian mothers for this information to be available online.

"Recent trends show that first-time mothers are increasingly using the internet as a principal research tool for health and well-being information" said Mr Colin Seery, Chief Executive Officer of Healthdirect Australia. "The broadening of the national Pregnancy, Birth and Baby service therefore ensures that it caters to an audience more comfortable with searching for information on the internet, as well as those seeking the personal touch of a phone call" said Mr Seery.

The Pregnancy, Birth and Baby website features a user friendly interface with 130 pages of content from trusted and approved partners.

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