Inventory of Innovation (Health Workforce Australia)

An online community is sharing examples of inspiring health workforce innovation occurring across Australia on a new website set up by Health Workforce Australia (HWA). Launched on 17 December,Health Workforce Innovation in Australia - a National Inventory showcases how individuals and organisations are driving change across the health, higher education and training sectors.

The website acts as a showcase for Australia-wide innovation in a one-stop location. It will also provide a platform for users to interact with contributors if they are interested in applying an innovation in their own setting and would like further information.

Contributors can submit their examples of innovation around 5 topic areas from the National Health Workforce Innovation and Reform Strategic Framework for Action 2011-2015. The topics are workforce reform and delivery; capacity and skills; leadership; workforce planning; and policy, funding and regulation. Currently, there are 264 contributions featured on the website.

Contributors to the website can edit their information at any time, keeping users updated through a progress icon. Registered users can share, email, print examples, save particular contributions to their own personal collection, search for accounts by topic area, target group and state and territory, and praise a particular innovation by clicking on an applaud button.

Examples of innovation are continually being accepted. To register or make a submission, go to

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