Healthcare in Focus 2012 : Health of NSW on par at home and internationally

Health Minister Jillian Skinner said a new report released by the Bureau of Health Information demonstrates that the NSW health care system compares well in Australia and internationally.

The Healthcare in Focus 2012 report compares NSW with states across Australia as well as 10 other countries.

"It is heartening to see that the hard-work of our state's doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and hospital staff is paying off and ensuring our health care system is on par and in some cases better than those across the globe," Mrs Skinner said. "Another encouraging element of the report shows that the majority of NSW patients rate their experience in the health system positively."

Other highlights of the report include: · Fewer years of life were lost to heart disease than almost all other comparative countries; · NSW has one of the lowest rates of potential years of life lost to cancer; · Rates of sepsis infection in NSW are about 40% lower than the average across the country; · Fewer years of life were lost to stroke in NSW than in almost all other comparative countries.

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