CSIRO report extols benefits of fast broadband for outback health

The CSIRO says Australia will be a world leader in providing telehealth through the high speed national broadband network. Caring for the last 3%: telehealth potential and broadband implications for remote Australia, a CSIRO report presented at the 2nd International Conference on Global Telehealth 26-28 November 2012 in Sydney says specialist consultations will mean early diagnoses and better management of chronic diseases, like diabetes, for the 3% of the population who live in remote areas.

Lead author Dr Sarah Dods says precise surgery will never be possible because of the one-second delay on the satellite, but she says Australia's tele-consultations will help close the health gap for Indigenous people. "We're going to be one of the first countries in the world that has national broadband," she said. "Telehealth and health outcomes have been talked about since the early days of the national broadband network being discussed. It's a real point of difference for Australia where we are, very much, leading the world."

CSIRO report extols benefits of fast broadband for outback health(ABC)

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