Suicide in Rural and Remote Areas of Australia

A new report launched by the Minister for Mental Health, Mark Butler, has found that rural and regional communities face unique challenges in preventing and recovering from suicide. Mr Butler said the report - Suicide in rural and remote areas of Australia confirms the need to address suicide in rural and remote Australia in a way that recognises the specific experience of those communities. "Suicide is devastating for families and communities, and we know that rural, regional and remote communities face rates of suicide around 20-30% higher than in metropolitan areas," Mr Butler said.

Those groups most vulnerable to suicide appear to be males, youth, farmers and Indigenous people. Data from the Queensland Suicide Register showed that, between 2005 and 2007, male suicide rates in remote areas were significantly higher than male suicide rates in non-remote areas.

Examining suicide in regional and remote Australia, this report aims to provide a better understanding how the rural cultural paradigm affects suicidal behaviours so we may develop and implement appropriate and effective suicide prevention strategies. In this way, those people most vulnerable can be protected from the tragedy of suicide.

Ministerial press release

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