Mental health services: in brief 2012 (AIHW)

Mental health services in Australia - in brief 2012 provides an overview of the national response to the mental health needs of Australians. It includes information on mental health service provision, available mental health resources and the changes that have occurred in these over time. The publication compliments the more comprehensive data that is available online at Mental health services in Australia .

The report shows that about 1.7 million Australians (8% of the population) received public or private mental health services in 2009-10, generally receiving multiple services.

Mental health-related services are provided through hospitals and other residential care, hospital-based outpatient services, community mental health care services and consultations with specialists and General Practitioners (GPs).

There were about 13.9 million mental health-related GP visits in 2010-11. Depression, anxiety and sleep disturbance were the 3 mental health-related problems most frequently managed by GPs.

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