Broken Hill DVD wins mental health award

A DVD featuring local carers has been recognised for telling their stories in a way that is useful for others in the same situation.

Sophie Angell and Tanya Clifton from the Family and Carer Mental Health Program in the Far West Local Health District won the award for family and carer involvement and engagement for their "Intangible" DVD.

Intangible was a digital storytelling project whereby we took seven carers' stories from far west NSW - mostly from Broken Hill and one from Menindee - and we put there stories on a DVD," Ms Angell said.

"It was really focused on the images around the area we live in, so it was really visual, and then we ended up making a quote book, a poster and there's even a website as well."

Broken Hill DVD wins mental health award (ABC News)

Intangible website

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