Your Brain Matters: Australia announces world-first health program to tackle dementia epidemic

International dementia expert Dr Serge Gauthier is in Australia to launch a world-first public brain health program to help cut soaring rates of dementia. It comes on the back of increasing evidence that looking after your brain, body and heart can help reduce your risk of developing dementia. A recent study found that if risk factors, including smoking, obesity and lack of physical activity, were reduced by 25 per cent, there would be three million fewer cases of Alzheimer's disease worldwide.

Alzheimer's Australia CEO Glenn Rees said the organisation's new brain health program, Your Brain Matters, is the first dementia risk reduction program in the world to be publicly funded. Your Brain Matters is a guide to keeping the brain healthy by looking after our mind, body and heart and is for people of all ages.

Your brain matters website

Targeting brain, body and heart for cognitive health and dementia prevention (Evidence paper and literature review)

Booklet : your brain matters

Brainy App (for IPhone, IPad and Android)

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