Spirituality, Older Australians and Wellbeing

This free open access article in a recent issue of Australasian Journal on Ageing examines the impact of perceived importance of spirituality or religion (ISR) and religious service attendance (RSA) on health and well-being in older Australians. The article concludes that spirituality and/or religion is still considered to be important to many older Australian adults. In addition, spirituality and attendance at religious services has a beneficial impact on older Australians' perceptions of social support, which may enable them to better cope with multiple comorbidities.

Read the full article here or go to the Australasian Journal on Ageing and browse all the open access articles. Sample topics available include : the care of older people during & after disasters, Which aged care patients are potentially suitable for community-bases aged care ? ; The KICA (Kimberley Indigenous Cognitive Assessment ) screen; Evidence-based continence assessment tools for residential aged care ; the EDEN Model in aged care ..... several more

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