Healthy Lifestyle Workers Portal

An online portal to support Australia's Healthy Lifestyle Workers was launched this week by the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet.

Healthy Lifestyle Workers are employed across Australia as part of the Australian Government's Closing the gap - Indigenous chronic disease initiative. Healthy Lifestyle Workers strive to reduce preventable chronic disease in Indigenous communities through activities that target smoking, nutrition, alcohol and physical activity.

The online portal launched this week provides support for the important efforts of Australia's Healthy Lifestyle Workers. The portal compliments the existing resources that have been developed for Healthy Lifestyle Workers by the HealthInfoNet on behalf of the Department of Health and Ageing, including the Healthy deadly and strong toolkit and guide.

Features of the portal that will be of immediate use to Workers include:

*downloadable copies of the toolkit and guide
*a full list of all the items included in the Healthy Lifestyle Workers resources pack
*key facts and resources relating to lifestyle factors; nutrition, physical activity, tobacco use, alcohol use
*key facts and resources relating to preventable chronic diseases; diabetes, heart health, kidney health and other chronic conditions.

Healthy Lifestyle Workers Portal

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