HAPI : Health event awareness website

HAPI, Health Awareness Project Information is a very useful Australian site, but includes global information on health awareness events. Compiled by Bonnie Heim, a medical librarian, each month has a list of events around the world related to health.

While today, Thursday 13 January 2012 is R U OK? Day in Australia, did you know that it is also both National Celiac Disease Awareness Day as well as National Childhood Cancer Awareness Day, in the U.S.?

Later in September, we have such diverse events as :

15th - World Lymphoma Awareness Day
24th - World Retina Day
28th - World Rabies Day

Each date links to the sites responsible for events. You can also click on the PINTEREST button to go to posters and videos related to the weeks and days listed.

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Thanks for including my site on your blog!