Free DVDs from the Rural Health Education Foundation

The Rural Health Education Foundation has recently made available more DVDs for free distribution. The latest releases are :

1205. Taking stock : the health hazards of farming
Farmers in Australia face significant health and occupational hazards. .Farm children are also at higher risk of accident and injury and all farming families are exposed to farm-specific risks such as pesticides and a range of zoonotic diseases. It has also become clear that many people in farming communities suffer unrecognized mental health conditions, especially depression and anxiety states. In addition to the DVD, A 6-hour Active Learning Module is available through the Rural Health Education Foundation

FC501. Optimising patient fertility
Health professionals play a key role in consumer awareness and initiating discussion around planning to have a child or more children, promoting preconception planning and supporting positive behavioural change.

1201. Eat strong : good food for health
Showcases health promotion and community development programs in rural and remote Australia that aim to improve health and nutrition in Indigenous communities. Itdiscusses the issues with Professor Lisa Jackson Pulver, Director of the Muru Marri Indigenous Health Unit and Anthea Fawcett, Founder and Director of the Remote Indigenous Gardens Network.

1112. The patient's choice : quality at end of life care.
This DVD explores the issues involved in end of life care. It looks at the need for the patient to have accurate information and a specific assessment of their situation; it examines the use of advance care plans; and explores the latest developments in palliative and end of life care.

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