Focus on healthy hearts as our diabetic rates rise

New research launched today by Australian Diabetes Council to mark Diabetes Awareness Week maps a direct correlation between the prevalence of diabetes and heart disease across the state. Diabetes is Australia's fastest growing chronic disease with one person diagnosed every five minutes. Diabetes is set to almost double by 2016.

Australian Diabetes Council's research, based on the latest population health surveys and newly released census data, shows areas with higher rates of diabetes are also areas with some of the highest rates of cardiovascular disease.

All of the top 10 areas where diabetes and cardiovascular disease rates are highest are in regional Australia, with the biggest impact of the disease also hitting lower socio-economic areas in both city and regional areas.

Broken Hill tops the list with the highest rate of diabetes and heart disease, 10.09 people per 100 head of population suffer from diabetes and 12.8 people per 100 head of population have been hospitalised with heart disease. Broken Hill is followed by Brewarrina at 9.22%. The areas of Bourke, Coonamble and Walgett also rated in the top 10 areas of NSW with the highest rates of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The Australian Diabetes Council is launching a new diabetes and heart health booklet, Diabetes and a Healthy Heart in Diabetes Awareness Week.

Diabetes Taking a Toll on Australian Hearts (Australian Diabetes Council)

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Focus on healthy hearts as our diabetic rates rise (Daily Liberal Dubbo)

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