Australian social trends, June 2012

Australian Social Trends aims to inform decision-making, research and discussion on social conditions in Australia. It covers social issues of current and ongoing concern, population groups of interest, and changes in these over time.

The latest issue (June, 2012) includes feature articles on

* Sexually transmissible infections
* Our health risks : how does Australia compare?
* Children with a disability

All articles published since 1994 are available from the Australian Social Trends page of the ABS web site. Australian Social Trends is structured according to the ABS Wellbeing Framework which identifies areas of social concern, population groups and transactions among people and entities within their social environments. The broad areas of social concern are:

* Population
* Family and community
* Health
* Education and training
* Work
* Economic resources
* Housing
* Crime and justice
* Culture and leisure
* Other areas - including environment, religion, and transport and communication.

Australian Social Trends is now issued on a quarterly basis, and in the course of a year the articles will cover a wide range of the areas of social concern.

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