SUMSearch 2.0 for physicians & med students : evidence-based literature searches

SUMSearch 2 is a meta-search tool which employ a number of novel techniques to collate medical evidence from a variety of information sources. SUMSearch 2 simultaneously searches for original studies, systematic reviews and practice guidelines from multiple sources and displays them accordingly.

According to its website, on the fly searches for reviews via SUMSearch are revised up to as many as 6 times while searches for guidelines and systematic reviews are revised once each. This form of searching is called contingency or backup searching. Search results are culled from PubMed, DARE and NGC and then merged and sorted.

Upon entering your search terms, SUMSearch 2 will search the following resources:

* PubMed MEDLINE for original studies; systematic reviews and guidelines
* Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effectiveness (DARE)
* National Guideline Clearinghouse Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR).

Depending on the search focus, SUMSearch will search PubMed with the highest sensitivity filters developed by Haynes et al. As SUMSearch executes live searches of external websites in response to queries, it alleges that it is "always up-to-date."

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SumSearch 2.0 website.

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