Health Workforce 2025

Health Workforce 2025 (HW2025), commissioned by the Australian Health Ministers, provides medium to long-term national workforce planning projections for doctors, nurses and midwives. HW2025 projects the estimated numbers of professional entry students, postgraduate and specialist trainees that will be required for these professions between 2012 and 2025. It also contains detailed modelling on workforce supply, demand, training and distribution.

The report identifies a range of policy considerations covering workforce reform, training, immigration and geographical distribution. Health Ministers are working together to consider the options to ensure a more sustainable health workforce to meet the future health needs of the Australian community.

Health Workforce 2025 is comprised of three volumes. Volumes 1 and 2 are currently available.

Volume 1 contains the overall findings from a workforce planning analysis of the trends in the supply and demand of doctors, nurses and midwives in Australia.

Volume 2 contains detailed supply and demand projection results for midwives and registered and enrolled nurses by area of practice, as well as state and territory projections for all professions.

Volume 3 will contain detailed supply and demand projection results for the medical workforce, by specialty. It will be delivered to Health Ministers in late 2012.

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