Chronic Pain, Chronic Illness and Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention Australia has released its Chronic Pain, Chronic Illness and Suicide Prevention position statement which highlights the urgent need for increased attention and awareness of the mental health of sufferers of chronic pain and other chronic medical illnesses. The position statement references a 2006 Australian study which found that 21% of people who died by suicide experience physical health problems which may have contributed to their death. CEO of Suicide Prevention Australia, Ryan McGlaughlin said the paper highlights the need for the psychological impacts of physical conditions to be given equal attention to physical symptoms during treatment and prevention. Suicide Prevention Australia have recommended the development of collaborative models of care and integrated care pathways that are resourced, trialled and made universally available to help reduce the incidence of suicide among people with severe chronic illnesses, including chronic pain.

The "Resources page" of the Suicide Australia website also includes other position statements on topics including Social inclusion & suicide prevention, Stigma & suicide, and Youth suicide prevention in Australia.

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