Should healthcare organisations use social media?

"Should healthcare organisations use social media?" is a report from the Global Institute of Emerging Healthcare Practices. Some healthcare organisations are using social media as an important tool to connect and influence consumers and providers and accomplish strategic healthcare goals.

The report provides numerous examples of providers, patients and organisations that have benefited from adopting social media technology. Some organisations have turned to social media to enhance their communication and marketing strategies, while others have reported using social media to improve their recruitment processes. The importance of social media in health education is highlighted, with tools such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter being used to make health information more accessible to consumers. Similarly, social media has been used to enhance health professional education and collaboration through the use of Twitter journal clubs and professional networking sites.

The authors argue that organisations cannot afford to take a "wait-and-see" approach. Even if organisations do not currently have an active social media presence, their employees and customers are already using social media, so they should start now.

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