"What nurses want" : Overstretched and undervalued nurses set to leave the profession

Australia's healthcare system is set to suffer a nursing exodus with a new national survey showing 15% of nurses intending to quit the profession in the next 12 months, the Australian Nursing Federation(ANF)warned. Excessive workloads due to lack of funded positions for nursing staff and the feeling they lack the recognition they deserve as health care professionals, were among the main reasons nurses want to leave the profession, according to What Nurses Want, the first national survey on nurses' attitudes to work and work conditions in Australia.

The survey, carried out by the Monash University Department of Management, found a very overstretched and undervalued workforce: - 38% of nurses reported high to very high levels of stress and burnout; half did not trust their employer to keep promises; and only 40% were content with their pay and conditions (compared to 75% from the broader working population).

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