"Talking About Change" : Motivational interviewing for health professionals (Free DVD)

The team at South Eastern Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD) have developed a training DVD to introduce health professionals to Motivational Interviewing, sometimes known as "Change Talk". Motivational Interviewing is a technique that health professionals can use as a brief intervention to support clients to make positive lifestyle changes.

It aims to make communication more effective by using skills such as open ended questioning and active listening to help clients develop solutions through realistic goal setting.

Many of the skills of motivational interviewing are demonstrated in the DVD by midwives working with women who need to make healthier lifestyle choices during pregnancy. The DVD also includes testimonials from midwives who describe the benefits of using the technique.

An extract from the DVD is available on the ARCHI website. The full DVD is available from the SESLHD Women's Health and Community Partnerships Unit. Contact :

Helen Rogers, Early Parenting Program Coordinator, Women's Health and Community Partnerships, Randwick Campus, Avoca Street, Randwick, NSW
Phone: 02 9382 8297 Email : Helen.Rogers@sesiahs.health.nsw.gov.au

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