New Mental Health and Insurance website

Australians with experience of mental illness are not able to access insurance at the same rates as Australians who have not experienced mental illness. They often endure increased premiums, restrictions on their policies and outright rejection of their applications and claims when a history of mental illness is disclosed. In more recent times, it has become evident that there is a lack of understanding of insurance applications and claims processes, and how mental illness impacts on them.

The Mental Health and Insurance Project website is designed to connect Australians with experience of mental illness and their carers with reliable and accurate information about insurance products and policies, how mental illness impacts on applications and claims processes, consumer rights and responsibilities and avenues for complaints and appeals. The website also hosts a "Tell Your Story" section, where you can submit your personal experiences (positive and negative!) to the MHCA and beyondblue to support their work in the area of mental health, discrimination and insurance.

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