Australians Deserve to Age Well Blueprint for Reform.

Palliative Care Australia (PCA) is a member of the National Aged Care Alliance (NACA), which has released the Australians Deserve to Age Well Blueprint for Reform. "The Blueprint lays out a step by step process for reform," said CEO Dr Yvonne Luxford.

"Nobody expects these changes to happen overnight, but we need to make a start and we need the entire political spectrum to support change commencing in this year's budget. We know that older Australians want to have access to high quality palliative care and to have as much control over their death as possible, which includes being able to die at home. But we also know that the current aged care system isn't meeting their end of life care needs."

PCA and NACA are calling for palliative care to be a funding priority; for linkages between residential and community aged care providers and local specialist palliative care services to be improved; the removal of barriers preventing people accessing community aged care and specialist palliative care services simultaneously; and ensuring the Gateway supports access to advance care planning and palliative care services.

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