Rural and Regional Health Australia

Rural and Regional Health Australia (RRHA) has now released its new website. The website provides details of existing and forthcoming Government programs and initiatives aimed at improving health services in regional, rural and remote Australia. Its interactive map shows health services in specific locations in all states and territories, and it will be upgraded over time to hold more place-based health information. In the same way more resources will be added to the website as it develops, making it a valuable tool both for the rural population and for health professionals.

Rural and Regional Health Australia (RRHA) started operation on 1 July 2011 in the Department of Health and Ageing. It provides a single entry point for information about health and aged care programs with a regional, rural and/or remote focus.

RRHA has 3 contact points for regional health consumers and providers:

The website

The Call Centre 1800 899 538 (Toll free) An email service

Press release

NRHA reaction

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